Friday, July 12, 2013

Watching events from Tunis

Future posts may be a jarring change for those that follow my blog chiefly for political events. The truth is that I have few updates to provide at this point. I have ended every blog post since my departing from Cairo with the phrase "the Revolution continues without me" and I mean it. After days of turmoil, it appears that the situation in Cairo is stabilizing a bit in spite of continued opposition and demonstrations by supporters of ex-president Mohammad Morsi. The opposition is struggling to form a government and put pressure on the Egyptian Military to transition back to civilian rule. On Thursday, the National Salvation Front, the main grouping of liberal and secular parties, demanded the new Cabinet "be made up from figures who belong to the Jan. 25 Revolution." While I have repeatedly been critical of public praise for the police and military after ousting of Morsi, there are some activists who share my skepticism and are also opposed to the military rule.

While Egyptians are deciding their future, I find myself in La Marsa, a coastal town near the capital, Tunis. It was the old summer capital of pre-colonial Tunisia and is now a popular vacation spot for many wealthy Tunisians. I cannot imagine a place further from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. I am not complaining. Many people save their whole lives in order to steal a few short days in a beach-side town before returning to work. I am lucky enough to spend most of the summer here. However, it is not the location that I would choose at this time. I would rather be witnessing events in Egypt.

We do not always get to choose the path that we walk from day to day. Sometimes it is limited by poverty and lack of options. Right now security concerns, an elite American university and insurance companies are deciding my choices.

 I will continue to write within the limits that are set for me. I am hoping to cover Tunisian politics to the extent it is possible and my life as it is right now. I hope people continue to find my blog informative.

The Revolution continues and I am going to the beach.